Friends of Penobscot Bay
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Our Missions
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* Kidder Point GAC Chemical waste remediation on Kidder Point. Details *** GAC coverage in Penobscot Bay Blog

* Dredge update Searsport Harbor Expansion Dredge Plan

* Sediment Testing Testing Bay Sediments for Pesticides. 4/14/14 mtg minutes

* Acidification Coming Bay Survey. (CLF)

* Scenic Beauty Scenic assets saved from DCP.
Scenic Inventories of Penobscot Bay: Are we conserving them? Searsport, Stockton Springs, Castine. AND Islesboro, Vinalhaven, North Haven and Associated Offshore Islands

* Outfalls Penobscot Bay Outfall Oversight.

Media coverage of Penobscot Bay outfall issues
Invasive Species Watch.

Bay Photo Video Surveys By Air . By Land. By Sea: Boats, divers, tow cams, beachcombers. (Under construction)