The April 8, 1998 Bangor Daily news featured this story subtitled "Oily muck vacuumed in Searsport".

That sub-headline sums it up.

Ron Huber and compatriots of the Coastal Waters Project alertedstate and federal agencies about the imminent spill of a fearfuly clogged outfall basin perched over the shore of Stockton Harbor. Filled with a thick muck reeking of petroleum, the whole mess was theatening to burst through a flimsy wooden barrier and into Penobscot Bay. We contacted state and federal agencies. The US Coast Guard came for a look, and bade the company deal with it immediately, BEFORE the basin burst open. On April 7, 1998, they did. The April 8, 1998 Bangor Daily news article describes what happened next, as the gunk is removed.

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