Fifty photographs taken while walking the length of the shorefront of the GAC Chemical Company in Searsport, March 10, 2013. The site has hosted a variety of chemical and fertilizer plants since the early 20th century.

The trip starts with a walk across the mudflat cove to the facility where a tainted cove is hemmed in with a rockweedy ledge on one side and a pipeline on the other.The pictures continue past eroding edges and around a point to a second cove. This one has extensive artificial soil buildups and an abandoned pipeline that once carried ammonia from the offshore pipe station near the mouth of Stockton Harbor to the facility, in its Delta Chemical days. At the far end of the second cove, an abandoned outfall catchbasin, and an abandoned pumphouse with two unused pipeline mouths in it. More mounds of waste, some with log supports, some with sparse vegetation and Past the pumphouse isa third cove with more artifical built up shore slump and extensive ceramic waste pieces near the pumphouse, more waste-based shores, then mossy rocks from landfill drainage that passes under the railroad track near the north end of GACs shore property. Finally my footprints going out and coming back on a sandbar near the Sears Island Road.

gacshore_031013_a00_cove1_sandbar_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a01_gac_fromsandbar_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a010_gac_complex_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a05_musselbed_small.jpg
gacshore_031013_a05_mussels_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a011_tainted_flats1_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a012_tainted_flats2_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a014_tainted_flats4_small.jpg
gacshore_031013_a015_tainted_flats5_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a015a_tainted_flats6_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a017_crumbleslopeb_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a016_crumbleslope_small.jpg
gacshore_031013_a018_crumbleslope2_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a018_crumbleslope3_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a019_crumbleslope4_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a020_crumbleslope5_small.jpg
gacshore_031013_a021_crumbleslope6_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a022_dumpbase_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a024_dumpbase1_small.jpg gacshore_031013_a025_dumpbase2_small.jpg
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