COMING EVENTS: Sunday May 20th. 2 to 5pm. We will sample the mudflats closest to the shore below beneath GAC Chemical, to map the extent of the nearshore tainted mud zone. As the tide goes out, we will week tar paper samples and dead clam samples.


May 13, 2012. Noon-3 pm. We continued core sampling Stockton Harbor's intertidal flats below the GAC Chemical Corporation.facility on Kidder Point. See photo essay. Starting well out from shore at the lowtide line of the flat, we proceeded toward shore, digging with a clam fork and pulling core samples every ten paces. Photos were taken, and some mud samples and the process continued until we reached the sandy beach up to the shore edge of the flat closest to the eroding bluff of alum waste.

Results: Offshore near low tide line sunken tarpaper sunken 6 inches deep beneath the mud surface about six inches down. Above the tar paper, a cluster of dead still-hinged-shut clams, no signs of forcible entry. Mud was not discolored in outer sites. Nearer to shore the bright gray-colored alum-tainted mud prevailed in patches of unknown size.
Background. Alum-tainted mud was examined by Maine DEP & us in 1998

May 6, 2011 GAC Shoreline Core Sampling reveals continued presence of alum tainted intertidal mud off facility on Kidder Point.

April 29, 2012 Cape Jellison reconnaisance: Nature & Humankind, sharing the shore.

April 22, 2012 SW Stockton Harbor's industrial shores a quick look.

April 17, 2012 DMR issues Penobscot Bay Watch 2012 special license" for beach seining Stockton Harbor & Searsport Harbor.



* GAC Industrial Area: Aerial Photographs 1997-2001
March 21, 2012 GAC Chemical Corp obtains 2012 MPDES Permit Renewal
EPA Toxic chemicals report
All Searsport licensed dischargers

* CLF archive

October 8, 2002 GAC settles CLF's CWA lawsuit. Lawsuit began October 3, 2001 when Conservation Law Foundation sent GAC a Notice of Intent to Sue under the Clean Water Act At Issue: GAC polluting Stockton Harbor with acid and other wastes. In settlement GAC agreed to install limestone filtration added to neutralize acid wastewater before discharge into Stockton Harbor, and donated $20,000 to a Stockton Harbor restoration und. The funds were stolen by Maine Legislature for deficit reduction.

April 28, 1998 MDEP carries out GAC Intertidal Mud Survey. Memos 1998

April 8, 1998 "Soiled Flats: the Cleanup" BDN

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* CLF 10/0301 Letter to GAC Notice of intent to Sue


Feb 11 '2002. Conservation Law Foundation files suit against alum manufacturer GAC Corporation. At Issue: GAC polluting Stockton Harbor with acid and other wastes. Result A GAC-CLF Settlement of CWA lawsuit, Oct 8, 2002 ">settlement between CLF and GAC Chemical was reached Oct 8, 2002 Limestone filtration added to neutralize acid wastewater before discharge into Stockton Harbor, $20,000 given to harbor restoration fund. (Funds stolen by Legislature for deficit reduction)